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Relationship Counseling to Restore Connection

                       Individual Counseling for Adults & Teens Also Available!

Imago Therapy Can Improve Communication,

Rebuild Trust & Deepen Intimacy!


Whether you are just beginning to sense a problem in your relationship or you've gone as far as to contemplate ending it, my couple's counseling can help.  By teaching and facilitating the "Imago Dialogue" process, you can shift from blaming and reactivity to understanding and empathy as a couple.  The same old conflicts that keep you stuck can transform into new opportunities for healing and growth- deeper connections of love!



 *You will learn how traits that initially attracted you to your partner may now drive you crazy, but can optimally be the guide towards your own growth.


*You will stop just replacing one problem for another, like pulling out only the tops of  weeds- they just grow back.  Get to the root of the issues so that daily frustrations become the fertilizer for real change!


*You will learn to express your desires in ways your partner can hear, and to express your love and appreciation in ways your partner can feel. Speaking from & to the heart!


*You can create fun, passion, and intimacy together.  Rediscover the joy of your relationship!  

Every couple has what they need to connect & grow together!


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Humans are relational beings.  We need each other to be fully alive!



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